Reflections on a Saturday

I just stumbled on this note on my iPhone and it temporarily blew my mind because I am now living this. I’ll be reflecting today on whether reality fits with what I imagined when I wrote the below on Oct. 1, 2012:

I’m sitting outside the Catedral de Santiago. I just spent half an hour just walking around the sanctuary, marveling at the displays of faith, actions that have been occurring here for hundreds of years. It is my third time in the church today, and what is occurring transcends the constraints of the Catholic Church.

I still marvel at the nature of the Camino itself. Every day seems like a miracle. People who can barely walk find the strength to climb mountains. People endure. We are a living testament to that, me and my fellow Peregrinos. Now we face the question of what comes next.

People have spent a week, two weeks, 30 days and more on the Camino. What does life look like when you awake in the morning and you don’t have to put on boots, strap on a pack and walk for eight hours. How do you surrender to the confines of an office or a classroom? How do you manage office politics and family squabbles? What happens to your peace?

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